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About Elite Contractor Services

When the people of Washington DC, Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax VA or other cities in Northern Virginia want to remodel their homes, they look for a home remodeling company that’s a local business that cares. Elite Contractor Services – considered one of Annandale’s top home remodeling contractors – is a family owned home remodeling company with over 10 years of experience.  As a “Design and Build Company,” we build Custom Homes, Home Additions, provide kitchen design and remodeling services, offer bathroom remodeling, basement finishing and even commercial remodeling. We are confident we can create the space you’ve always wanted!

A Home Remodeling Company that Has it All

Based in Annandale, and considered one of the best home remodeling companies not only in Annandale but all of Northern Virginia, Elite Contractors Services is a home remodeling company that “has it all.” For example, we have our own showroom where you can select some of the material for your home remodeling projects. We have our own talented craftmen and in house architect and because of that we firmly believe that we offer superior service and a better end-product than our competitive home remodeling companies, whether here in Annandale, Virginia, or throughout the larger Washington DC and Northern Virginia metro area.

Our Commitment

Our home remodeling company’s commitment to customer service is manifested in five core principles:

Courtesy and Respect:

Our team members are polite and will respect the routines of everyone in the home (pets included).


In addition to protecting the job site, surrounding areas, and access routes, our employees will vacuum the work area daily.


We stand by our word.  We start working at 7:00 am each morning, unless the customer requests otherwise. If we tell you a project will be done in a specific timeframe, that’s how long it will take.  Team members take it personally when deadlines are missed!

Quality Craftsmanship from Quality Contractors:

We will not cut corners in the interest of expediency, cost savings or for any other reason. Each and every project deserves our full attention, skill, and respect, no matter it size.


Our phones are always on.  No matter the time of day, you can reach us if you need to.

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Home Remodeling Contractor Annandale, Virginia

As a top home remodeling company in Annandale, Virginia, and a local contractor, we’re proud of our community. Accordingly, we’re not only passionate about remodeling homes throughout Annandale and all of Northern Virginia, we have a fondness for local history.

Annandale, Virginia: Factoid

One, and only one article reports this tale.  No sources were cited in this internet rendition, nor do all the claims match-up with contemporary evidence. It is known that Wakefield served in the Union Army and certainly came through Annandale during his service, while stationed primarily in Vienna at the time in question.  It is known that after making his way from a hospital in Annapolis to Annandale, being gravely wounded in the Shenandoah battle of Tom’s Brook, and following his discharge from the army on March 24, 1865, he was nursed in Annandale by his bride-to-be, Mary Rebecca Tennison and her mother.

Source: http://www.annandalechamber.com/annandale_united_methodist_church.rhtml